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The chess player in “Plaza Mayor” (“Fantasmas”)

The chess player in "Plaza Mayor" (adaptación de "Fantasmas" ) © Author: Jaime Fernández de Bobadilla --------------------------------------------------------------- This tale is pending on translation Hay fantasmas. Yo los he visto. A veces son ramas de árboles o cortinas o sombras. Otras, cobran forma humana. Entonces ... More

Download the free Neoclassical chess App

Download the free App Neoclassical Chess. In your online store for Android, iphone or Windows look for the App "nc chess" You will find three Apps: Just click the third one (BASIC) and download the App to play neoclassical chess                 Log Out If you want ... More

What is neoclassical chess: Questions and answers

“Neoclassical chess” (“Nc chess”) is an evolution of the game of chess, but is above all chess. All rules are identical to the rules of chess. The only difference is that the game starts on a certain (fourth) move, by White. The first three full moves (i.e. three by both White and Black) are obtained in a random manner ... More

Neoclassical Chess: Main article

Neoclassical Chess: a Bright Future for the Game Download archive PDF Gabriel F. Bobadilla 1      Summary We introduce Neoclassical Chess, an evolution of the game of chess, and as we argue, essentially the only one possible that solves the problem of the excessive influence of the computer in the opening phase and, at ... More

Neoclassical chess: Technical article

Foundations of Neoclassical Chess Gabriel F. Bobadilla 1 SUMMARY The prevalence of computer-aided opening preparation have compromised in practice the interest of chess as a human competitive activity. This problem of the opening was addressed under a logical/mathematical perspective. We specify all desirable conditions that new ... More

First Neoclassical Chess Tournament

The stronggest tournament in Madrid ever has been possible thank you to:  Miguel Martínez, Ángel Bujalance, Luis Blasco, Jaime Fresno,Abel Gonzalez Arroyo, Jorge Bardanca Bello, Fernando Arauz Alonso, Salvador Palomino Menendez, Jose Perez de Tudela, Petya Simeonova, Pilar Masedo, Luis Espinosa, Alejandro Moreno Trujillo y Federico ... More

Jorge Luis Borges and Chess

Chess -------------------------------------------------------------- This poem is pending on translation Jorge Luis Borges I En su grave rincón, los jugadores rigen las lentas piezas. El tablero los demora hasta el alba en su severo ámbito en que se odian dos colores. Adentro irradian mágicos rigores las formas: torre ... More

Neoclassical chess: Gabriel Fernández de Bobadilla (inventor) & Iván Salgado (winner)

The inventor of Neoclassical chess (Gabriel F. Bobadilla, and the winner of the First Neoclassical Chess Tournament (Iván Salgado) El ajedrez Neoclásico tiene su origen en la necesidad de hacer frente al impacto que el ordenador ha tenido en el ajedrez en la fase de la apertura, tanto durante el entrenamiento como durante las partidas, ... More