The Neoclassical chess method of play and its various implementations, along with related variants of the “Neoclassical chess universe” as described in the seminal papers are protected by U.S. Patent Pending no. 62146423
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The purchase of any of the Nc Chess apps (“Neoclassical Chess: The Standard” and “Neoclassical Chess: The Suite”)
includes a End-User License Agreement that is the standard agreement of the mobile platform (be it Apple/iOS, Android o Windows Phone)
with the following additional provision of scope:
The use of such application is permitted for any educational, research or personal use, in all cases in face-to-face play (with physically present players).
The license excludes any commercial use or distribution, or its use in online play through any additional means or procedures (or
through any other telecommunication means).
Many other non-commercial uses will however be permitted, and exemptions will be granted for certain types of commercial use,
under guidelines to be published from time to time herein.
If you are in doubt about your particular project that makes use of any of the apps, please write to us at