The chilling moment

Adjournments have been eliminated purely as a result of the availability of very strong computer engines to analyse any position. Then one day this author wondered: Is not the initial classical position of chess just another adjourned position? The Big One. Caissa left Black’s move, a pass, on an open envelope. Now it is White’s turn to come to the board and make its move, in full knowledge of Black’s one, with the benefit of supercomputers to help White in analysing to death all possible beginnings of the game after “resumption”. True, the initial position is much more “open” to possibility and less compromised than any of the usual ones that occurred in adjournments of the past, but in contrast to the case with these, we have had gigantic human brainpower thinking and conferring about it for decades and supercomputers running on it, too. If the initial position is just another adjourned position, how should chess be prevented from going
the way of adjournments?

Neoclassical Chess: a Bright Future for the Game Gabriel F. Bobadilla Nc-Chess-Bright


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